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Welcome to Politics for India.

We give so many exams since our first step in school. However, none of it makes so much difference in life as UPSC-CSE. The bureaucracy in India is highly elite, a class in itself. Offering an opportunity to everyone to enter this elite class, the exam is a great equalizer in an unequal Indian society and demonstrates the greatness of Indian democracy.

Given the high stature of the exam, there are also many myths attached to it, particularly about its difficulty level and the nature of questions. At Politics for India, we believe that the exam can be approached in a much more systematic manner which will ensure success within 1-2 attempts. As the popular saying about UPSC-CSE goes, for the first time, you appear, for the second time, you re-appear, and for the third time, you disappear.

With this in mind, we aim to:

  1. Provide comprehensive guidance in UPSC-CSE preparation
  2. Bring clarity to the overall nature of the exam
  3. Provide relevant study material for exam preparation

Regarding Political Science (Rajyashastra), despite having a glorious tradition and vast literature on the subject matter, the current situation of discipline in India is very grim. There is a lack of enthusiasm, and most of the students opt for science after 10+2 rather than exploring humanities. Thus, despite being the most populous country and having a large pool of talent, India has very little to offer in the fields like Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology etc. As a result, the studies in these fields are largely dominated by Western scholars.

We intend to change this picture, or at least begin the efforts.

Through Politics for India, we intend to provide a complete solution to the students having Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) optional in UPSC-CSE and other state service examinations.

The website provides PSIR Notes, Previous Year Questions along with analysis, Model Answers, Test Series, and Current Affairs. Additionally, through various social media forums and the website itself, we are also providing a platform for debate and discussion on the issues that matter most.

The sole intention of Politics for India is to serve the student community. We sincerely wish that you are able to fare well in the exam and in the process, develop a love for Political Science.

Best wishes for your preparation.

Politics for India team.

From Director’s Desk

Abhijeet Pimparkar

Thank you for taking out time to read ‘About Us’. This is Abhijeet Pimparkar, founder and director of Politics for India.

I’ve done a B. Tech from COEP, and M.A. in Political Science. I’ve given two Prelims & Mains, 2019 and 2020 and missed an interview once by 3 and a second time by 14 marks.

The UPSC preparation kindled my interest in humanities in general and Political Science in particular. After doing M.A. in political science and working in Public Sector for almost 3 years, I decided to stop giving exams and pursue my academic interest in humanities.

With this intention, we have started Politics for India & Education Province. While the former is focused exclusively on PSIR optional, the latter caters to a broader audience, focusing on UPSC Prelims and Mains.

I believe that UPSC-CSE is one of the great miracles of Indian democracy. I feel fortunate to be part of this process and the journey of aspirants. I am very grateful for the love and support of the students and will continue to commit myself to serving you better. Forgive me for any discrepancies in the efforts, and feel free to point them out.

UPSC-CSE is a very important exam. A lot of things will change when you will clear it. Do not take it lightly. Have a professional approach and work hard. You will certainly see your name in the final list. Best wishes!

Abhijeet Pimparkar,
Director, Politics for India

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