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Current Affairs – International Relations

1] Benefits of Abraham Accord for India

2] China as factor in India-EU relations

3] India and UN Peace-keeping in Africa

4] India’s leadership in global climate politics

5] India’s first’ policy can hamper India’s soft power image.

6] India and WTO

7] India’s growing relationship with the Gulf states

8] Is Africa really a Foreign Policy priority for India?

9] Can UN rise from Ashes?

10] Growing Russia -China Bonhomie: A headache for India

11] India’s non-alignment with Non-Alignment Movement

12] What SAARC can learn from ASEAN?

13] In Afghanistan, India cannot act as a transactional opportunistic salesman.

14] Paradiplomacy: New Dimension of Indian Foreign Policy

15] Sri Lanka Crisis: Lessons for Indian Foreign Policy