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IBPS PO Final Results 2020 Declared

[ IBPS PO Final Results 2020]

Institute for Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) have declared PO IX results for year 2019-2020 on Wednesday 20th May 2020.

You can calculate your separate marks i.e. your mains and interview marks here. To do that, enter your mains marks (out of 225) and your final marks (out of 100). You’ll get your interview marks (out of 100). Let us also know your marks in comments box below.

IBPS PO Final Results 2020

History of IBPS

The journey of IBPS is closely associated with a major event in the economic arena of the country; the Nationalisation of 14 major Banks in 1969, and thereafter, establishment of NIBM as an apex level research and training institute of all public sector Banks, almost at the same time.

After Nationalisation of the Banks in 1969, the Banks were required to open more and more branches so that more and more people can avail “Banking Services” in the country. Banks started expanding their branch network, but it was not possible without recruitment of new employees. Managing the Critical and Crucial activity of “Selecting Right People for the Right Jobs’ was a big task for the banks.

At the same time the selection process of the banks, which they were following those days, was not a uniform, standard & scientific selection process. Besides this, some Sr. People in the Banks were of the opinion that the traditional system of selecting employees had no clarity regarding the characteristics to be measured in the selection process and their relevance to subsequent on-the-job performance and career growth of the selectees.

Since Banks were Public Sector Organisations, the “Public Accountability” was also a major guiding principle for them. It was necessary for them to adopt a selection system which should be open to all eligible and qualified applicants. It should be fair, impartial, effective and should select only those candidates who are “most suitable” for the job. But since Branch Expansion
was the priority of the banks, they started advertising their vacancies. As expected they were flooded with applications of many well qualified candidates.

The personnel departments of the banks were not equipped to handle this voluminous activity. Therefore some of them approached NIBM which designed a new Selection Testing Process for the Banks and launched it in some parts of the country. The new system got spontaneous acceptance from the banking industry.

As a result more and more banks voluntarily started using this new service. As the demand increased substantially, it was decided to constitute a small Personnel Selection Service (PSS) unit to handle these projects. A few years later in the year 1984, the same PSS Unit of NIBM was converted into IBPS and Dr. A. S. Deshpande, who was then Professor in-charge of PSS Unit, became its founder Director.

Division of IBPS

Client Relations (PSBs & RRBs) — Headed by Dr. AK Konar
Client Relations (All Other Organizations) — Headed by Prof. Vipin K Chilana
Client Relations provides inputs to the client organisations and internal Divisions of IBPS for timely and effective execution of
recruitment processes. Interacts with client organizations for all projects — recruitment, promotion, placement, admission etc.
Helps the client organizations to decide the selection strategy. Prepares the schedule of activities. Prepares all the necessary [ IBPS PO Final Results 2020] documents including instructions to candidates, testing personnel and venue officers for execution of the project.

the activities of the projects at every stage. Decides the strategy for equating, finalisation of results and takes appropriate
actions on use of unfair means analysis report.

Design & Analysis – Headed by Dr. A K Konar (Additional Charge)
Arranges to develop ability tests / aptitude tests, professional knowledge tests, finalizes all tests including translated
versions, wherever required, for every examination. Arranges to compose the question papers in both Hindi and English and
checks for accuracy. Arranges to upload the question papers before the examination. Verifies accuracy of uploaded
questions for every examination. Provides right answer keys to TSS Division. Analyses quintile report and finalizes the right
answers for result processing.

Research & Development — Headed by Prof. Vipin K Chilana (Additional Charge)
Makes arrangements for and conducts Group Discussions and Assessment Centres. Undertakes relevant supportive action
research, provides support for carrying out research and publishes in-house magazines & research journals. Maintains the [ IBPS PO Final Results 2020]
pool of experts for conducting Group Discussion and Interview. Compiles data related to IBPS projects. Coordinates internal
research and other publications.

Technology Support Services (TSS) — Headed by Mrs. Usha Menon
Makes arrangements for online registration of application. Monitors online registration, processes data for conducting online
examinations. Makes arrangements for conducting online examinations through service provider and processes results,
generates item analysis reports, equating analysis reports and use of unfair means reports. Finalises results. Makes [ IBPS PO Final Results 2020]
Provisional Allotment for CRPs and declaration of results.

Support Services (SS) — Headed by Mr. M K Biswal
It comprises of Personnel & Administration, Legal department, Maintenance of Premises and Equipments, Security &
Vigilance. Executes administrative functions of the Institute. Provides support for Legal matters and Court cases.
Coordinates HR & IR related functions of the Institute.

Financial & Allied Services — Headed by Mr. B Mahesh Kumar Singh
Carries out functions of Finance and Accounts department, Taxation and Purchase and Stores department, CSR, Marketing. [ IBPS PO Final Results 2020] Visit Ancient Indian History

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