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India Bangladesh Relations

Bangladesh and India are having their best relations, since Shaikh Hasina is at helm of affairs from 2009.  Due to cooperation of Bangladesh, India has been successful in eradicating militants in North East India, who  would often take shelter in Bangladesh. And even complex issues like border issue have been resolved. India is also increasing connectivity to North East through Bangladesh. This will reduce distance to India’s remote region by 1/3rd and increase trade.
However, India’s domestic laws are creating some concern in Bangladesh. Around 7L people did not find their place in NRC. We cannot expect that all will go back to their country, especially when push factors are still there. In addition, NRC/CAA is also being projected as anti-Islamic by fundamentalist groups in Bangladesh. It creates difficult situation for Bangladeshi Prime Minister. Given the fact that Shaikh Hasina has worked to develop cordial relations between the countries, it would be huge mistake if we allow our actions to affect her political standing. India should work to clear the fog around this issue.
70-80% defense imports of BD comes from China. India has also provided 2 submarines to Bangladesh, offered $500mn LoC (line of Credit) for defense purchase. But more can be done.
Connectivity is one factor. Regional connectivity is prerequisite for economic cooperation and prosperity. It also increases P2P contacts. Rail/road/water connectivity should be increased. It would be win-win situation for India as well as Bangladesh. India is a part of Padma bridge project, which would be game changer in the sector.
Water sharing agreement should be reached quickly. Padma bridge is being built where we are partner and it will be game change in connectivity.
Given the stakes two countries have with each other, there is no other option but to have good relations. India should help Bangladesh in solving Rohingya crisis, it is a potential security problem for India as well. India will certainly be seen as big brother, but this is something we can’t avoid and should learn to live with it.


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Unable to find india srilanka relations please do share , thanks