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Introduction to world history.

upsc world history notes

World history is often the neglected part of UPSC preparation. However, it is also one of the important subject.

First of all, it is important to understand that in humanities, it is not possible to make digital compartmentalization. Everything you study can be used anywhere else. History, politics, economy, geography – all of these have bearing on one another. And therefore, a mature study involves a multidimensional approach.

World history is, then, not an exception. Good knowledge of world history helps us better understand the Indian freedom struggle. It helps us consolidate our knowledge of geography and the economy. It explains a lot about present international relations. And if you are a student of political science, it’s not optional for you.

However, as an independent subject, the importance of World history is not beyond 1-2 questions. The graph below reflects the trend in the last few years. Surprisingly, no question was asked in 2020 GS 1 on world history.

UPSC World History Analysis

Since it is part of the syllabus you can expect a question or two in 2021. A good understanding of world history will improve your answers. It will help in essay writing and also in the interview.

Apart from all the reasons above, world history is a highly interesting subject in itself.

1] Enlightenment Thinkers

2] American Revolution [1765-1783]

3] American Civil War [1861-1865]

4] Industrial Revolution [1760-1840]

5] French Revolution

6] Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte

7] Unification of Germany and Italy

8] World War 1

9] Russian Revolution, Lenin and Stalin

10] Adolf Hitler and Nazism

11] League of Nations

12] World War II

13] Cold War Period & Significant Events

14] Collapse of the Soviet Union

15] History of China

16] Contemporary History of Iran & Arab World

17] Decolonization -Part 1 (Britain and France)

18] Decolonisation – Part 2

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Requesting you to please complete the course before mains 2022.. Thank you


Please bring out some tips for essay writing. You can add notes of the topics, category wise, trending topics. Also provide some tips, how to right brilliant essays.