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PSIR 1A: Political Theory – Previous Year Questions – Solved

Sr. No.Topic NamePrevious Year Questions
1Political Theory: meaning and approachesClick Here
2 Theories of StateClick Here
3JusticeClick Here
4 EqualityClick Here
5 RightsClick Here
6DemocracyClick Here
7PowerClick Here
8Political IdeologiesClick Here
9Indian Political Thought
9.1 DharmashastraClick Here
9.2 Arthashatra TraditionClick Here
9.3 Buddhist Political TraditionClick Here
9.4 Sir Syed Ahmed KhanClick Here
9.5 Sri AurobindoClick Here
9.6 MK GandhiClick Here
9.7 BR AmbedkarClick Here
9.8 M. N. Roy ( There were no questions on this topic from 2013-2022 )
10Western Political Thought
10.1 PlatoClick Here
10.2 AristotleClick Here
10.3 MachiavelliClick Here
10.4 Thomas HobbesClick Here
10.5 John LockeClick Here
10.6 JS MillClick Here
10.7 Karl MarxClick Here
10.8 GramsciClick Here
10.9 Hannah ArendtClick Here

Previous Year Questions Topic Wise Analysis

The graph and the table given below illustrates the weightage of various topics in section 1A) Political Theory. Prioritize your study accordingly.

PSIR 1A Previous Year Questions Topic wise Analysis

PSIR 1A Previous Year Questions Topic wise Analysis

PSIR 1A: Political TheoryMarks (2013-2022)Marks (2021-2022)% Weightage (2013-2022)% Weightage (2021-2022)
01] Political Theory80254%6%
02] Theories of State130307%8%
03] Justice2055510%14%
04] Equality85354%9%
05] Rights175409%10%
06] Democracy130307%8%
07] Concept of Power115356%9%
08] Political Ideologies2553013%8%
09] Indian Political Thought3405017%13%
10] Western Political Thought4857024%18%

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