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PSIR 1B: Indian Government and Politics – Previous Year Questions – Solved

Sr. No.Topic NamePrevious Year Questions
1AIndian Nationalism: Political Strategies of India’s Freedom StruggleClick Here
1BIndian Nationalism: Perspectives on Indian National MovementClick Here
2Making of the Indian ConstitutionClick Here
3Salient Features of the Indian Constitution
3.1 PreambleClick Here
3.2 Fundamental Rights and DutiesClick Here
3.3 Directive Principles of State PolicyClick Here
3.4 Parliamentary SystemClick Here
3.5 Amendment Procedure, Judicial Review and Basic Structure DoctrineClick Here
4APrincipal Organs of the Union Government
4BPrincipal Organs of the State Government
4.1 ExecutiveClick Here
4.2 LegislatureClick Here
4.3 JudiciaryClick Here
5Grassroots DemocracyClick Here
6Statutory Institutions/CommissionClick Here
7FederalismClick Here
8Planning and Economic DevelopmentClick Here
9Caste, religion and Ethnicity in Indian PoliticsClick Here
10Party System
10.1 Party System in Indian PoliticsClick Here
10.2 Electoral BehaviourClick Here
10.3 Pressure GroupsClick Here
11Social MovementsClick Here

Previous Year Questions Topic Wise Analysis

The graph and the table given below illustrates the weightage of various topics in section 1A) Indian Government and Politics. Prioritize your study accordingly.

PSIR 1B Previous Year Questions Topic wise Analysis

PSIR 1B Previous Year Questions Topic wise Analysis

PSIR 1B: Indian Government and PoliticsMarks (2013-2022)Marks (2021-2022)% Weightage (2013-2022)% Weightage (2021-2022)
01] Indian Nationalism155208%5%
02] Making of the Indian Constitution65353%9%
03] Salient Features of the Indian Constitution3306517%16%
04] Principal Organs of the Union Government2605513%14%
05] Grassroots Democracy175359%9%
06] Statutory Institutions/Commission155308%8%
07] Federalism160308%8%
08] Planning and Economic Development170309%8%
09] Caste, Religion and Ethnicity in Indian Politics145357%9%
10] Party System2705514%14%
11] Social Movements115106%3%

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