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PSIR 1B References: Important Books and Articles

The study of optional demands a rich study. And although the standard notes are there, sometimes they are not sufficient. Additionally, there is also a dynamic aspect of the subject that is either too vast to too changing to put in notes. Hence, we are presenting a list of standard books and articles on each topic that can be referred to. We will also try to include the review of the book/article from an exam perspective.

Important Books

India's Struggle for Independence

by Bipan Chadra

Black Swan Publications




Subhas Kashyap on Indian Constitution
The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution
INDIAN POLITY by M Laxmikant



3) Indian Politics



The Oxford Companion to Politics in India: Student Edition



4) Other Important Books



NCERT Indian Economic Development.
NCERT Politics in India since independence

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Can u please explain the meaning of “derivative discourse”?

Trhhffhuhh hhyj



I don’t know how to thank you because you have made lives easier for so many people here


15 Aug 2021 The hindu contains several imp articles from Irfan Habib, Vice president, Rajeev bhargav