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PSIR 2B: India and the World – Previous Year Questions – Solved

PSIR 2B India and the World Previous Year Questions Solved

Previous Year Questions Topic Wise Analysis

The graph and the table given below illustrates the weightage of various topics in section 2B) India and the World Prioritize your study accordingly.

PSIR 2B Previous Year Questions Topic wise Analysis
PSIR 2B: India and the WorldMarks (2013-2022)Marks (2021-2022)% Weightage (2013-2022)% Weightage (2021-2022)
01] Indian Foreign Policy2556014%15%
02] India and NAM65204%5%
03] India and South Asian Regional Cooperation3209518%24%
04] India and the Global South1904510%11%
05] India and the Global Centres of Power4407524%19%
06] India and the UN System160309%8%
07] India and the Nuclear Question150308%8%
08] Recent Developments in Indian Foreign Policy2404513%11%

Index to Solved PYQs

1] Indian Foreign Policy: Determinants of foreign policy; The institutions of policy-making; Continuity and change

2] India’s contribution to the Non-Alignment movement, different phases, current role

3] India and South Asia a] Regional Cooperation: SAARC-past performance and future prospects b] South Asia as a Free Trade Area c] India’s “Look East” policy d] Impediments to regional co-operation: River water disputes; Illegal cross border migration; Ethnic conflicts and insurgencies; Border disputes

4] India and the Global South: Relations with Africa and Latin America; Leadership role in the demand NIEO and WTO negotiations

5] India and the global centres of power: USA, EU, Russia, Japan and China

6] India and the UN system: Role in UN Peacekeeping, Demand for a permanent seat in Security Council

7] India and the Nuclear Question: Changing Perceptions and Policy

8] Recent Developments in Indian Foreign Policy: India’s position on recent crisis in Afghanistan, Iraq and West Asia, Growing Relations with the US and Israel, Vision of new world order

This is an ongoing work. Hence, some of the links may not be yet available. The complete articles will be available by 19th June 2023

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