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PSIR 2B References: Important Books and Articles

The study of optional demands a rich study. And although the standard notes are there, sometimes they are not sufficient for some students. Additionally, there is also a dynamic aspect of the subject that is either too vast to too changing to put in notes. Hence, for this purpose, we felt important to publish a list of stands books and articles on each topic that can be referred to. We are also trying to include the review of the book/article from an exam perspective so that you’ll have an idea of what to expect from a particular source.

Further, given that current affairs is constantly changing, and will keep changing, the list of articles here need to be relevant. Thus, we need your help. If you come across any article which you feel is closely related to our PSIR syllabus or helps us answer any of the PYQ, please suggest it in the comment section. We’ll add such suggestions to the standard list.

Right now, it’s just an index, but we’ll edit and enrich it soon.

1] Indian Foreign Policy : Determinants of foreign policy; The institutions of policy making; Continuity and change
     1) Determinants of Foreign Policy

2] India’s contribution to Non-Alignment movement, different phases, current role
     (refer PSIR 2A NAM 1 & NAM 2)

3] India and South Asia
a] Regional Cooperation : SAARC-past performance and future prospects
b] South Asia as a Free Trade Area
c] India’s “Look East” policy
d] Impediments to regional co-operation : River water disputes; Illegal cross border migration; Ethnic conflicts and insurgencies; Border disputes

     1) SAARC and India.
     2)ASEAN India relations and Look East Policy.
     3) India Bhutan Relations
     4) India Nepal Relations
     5) India Bangladesh Relations
     6) India Sri Lanka Relations
     7) India Maldives Relations
     8) India Pakistan Relations.
     9) India Afghanistan Relations

4] India and the Global South : Relations with Africa and Latin America; Leadership role in the demand NIEO and WTO negotiations
     1) India Africa Relations
     2) India Latin America Relations
     3) South South Cooperation

5] India and the global centres of power : USA, EU, Russia, Japan and China
     1) India US Relations
     2) India EU Relations
     3) India Russia Relations
     4) India Japan Relations
     5) Indo China Relations

6] India and the UN system : Role in UN Peacekeeping, Demand for permanent seat in Security Council
     1) India and UNSC
     2) India and UN peacekeeping

7] India and the Nuclear Question : Changing perceptions and policy
     1) Indo – US nuclear deal
     2) India’s nuclear doctrine
     Also study relevant topics from PSIR 1A

8] Recent Developments in Indian Foreign Policy : India’s position on recent crisis in Afghanistan, Iraq and West Asia, Growing Relations with US and Israel, Vision of new world order
     1) India West Asia Relations

Sources to study along with notes
     1) MEA Website
     2) Keep track of articles/ interviews of Pratap Bhanu Mehta, C Rajamohan, S Jaishankar
     3) Project syndicate website can also be used for selective issues

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