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Environmental Movements

Environmental movements in India revolve around two issues of development and democracy. Environmental movement around the world has challenged the model of development. In case of India, environmental movements are the movements led by the weakest sections of society. The major participants are tribals and people whose life is depended on nature.
India has a long history of environmental movements. The tribal revolts against British Rule were some of the earliest environmental movements.

One of the noted environmentalist in India, Ramchandra Guha has made comparison between environmentalists in global north and south. Environmentalist movements in Western countries is led by the scientists whereas the movements in South is led by poor and ignorants. Environmentalism in North is full stomach whereas environmentalism in South is empty stomach. We have to salute the fighting spirit of tribal in Odissa, who dared to challenge global giants like Vedanta & POSCO. Indian environmental movement challenges the development strategy of the Indian state.

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Please read Present and past of Environmentalism by RC Guha in The Hindu 2013

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There is no information about the Chipko Movement or Apiko Movement, or any other movements in detail

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