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Gender Justice

Feminist Perspective on global issues.

Feminists are not satisfied with current state of affairs. International politics is seen solely from inter-state perspective. Feminists are more concerned about individual rights, particularly women rights.
They object that women are not represented in international politics, while decisions at such levels have serious consequences for women. For example civilian casualties make up 90% in today’s wars and women & children are major sufferers among them.

Gendering security.

Often women are seen as ‘those who need protection’ and men as ‘those who can offer protection’. This has been the perspective in all civilization historically. But it should be questioned in present times.
90% of total casualties in today’s wars are civilian and women and children form majority of these. (Women in conflict).
Sometimes individual (women) security is even sacrificed for protection of state. Prostitution camps surrounding military bases is an example of this.
Feminist also suggest to change the perspective on security. Instead of top-bottom approach starting with state, we should start with security of individual.
Conciliatory gestures are seen as feminine and weak, while war is seen as masculine and strong. This also indicates gendering of certain practices.

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Important terms.

Liberal feminism – ensuring legal rights is sufficient.
Post Colonial feminism – situation of women in developing and developed world is much different and should be seen from different perspective.
Feminist critical theory.
Feminist social constructivism.
Feminist post modernism.

Double burden – Particularly used for women doing outside job. She has to take care of both household as well as professional life responsibilities.
Gender vs Sex – Sex is biological, gender is construction of society.

Large portion of preparation for this topic comes from Paper 1 -> Ideologies -> Feminism. Please refer those notes.

Test Your Knowledge!

1] “Consider the following statements.
According to Liberal Feminism ensuring legal rights for women is sufficient.
According to Post Colonial feminism situation of women in developing and developed countries is different. “
a) 1 only correct
b) 2 only correct
c) Both 1&2 correct
d) Both 1&2 incorrect

Show Answer

Ans: c) Both 1&2 correct

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