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Political Science?

We Provide A Complete Picture.

Notes, Discussions forums, Previous Year Questions, Answer Writing, Peer review, Teacher review, International Affairs... you name it and we have it.

From beginning to end, get complete assistance in Political Science.

Political Science Notes

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Quoting political philosophers is the most powerful way to present an argument in Political Science. You can find numerous quotes embedded in our notes. Memorise them, be mesmerised by them and ‘quote’ them.

“In quoting others, we cite ourselves."

Debate & Discussion Forums

Debate and discussion is at the heart of Political Science. The tradition existed in ancient Indian and Greek civilisations and continues even today. It provokes deep thinking and creates mature understanding of subject.

Political Science PYQs

Knowing Previous Year Questions (PYQs) is the next step in Exam preparation. Analysing PYQs provides more clarity and direction to studies. One saves a lot of time and can maximise our marks with focused efforts.

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Answer Writing

“I write to discover what I think”


After acquiring knowledge, it is time to test yourselves. With peer review based answer writing, students get to revisit concepts, see it from multiple perspectives, and further solidify their knowledge.


Notes Enrichment

Unfortunately, even today our education system uses largely text based notes. In a discipline as dynamic as Political Science, a lot can be improved. We intend to add historical images, videos, quotes, news clippings etc. in addition to notes. It will make study more interesting and holistic.

MCQs on each topic

MCQs are best way to immediately test your knowledge. If somethings goes wrong, go back,  re-read the concept and move ahead.

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International Relations Current Affairs

This is most dynamic aspect of Political Science Optional Preparation. We intend to provide news of all important international happenings from exam viewpoint & theoretical perspective on the same.

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Answer Improvement Program

Topic-wise and section-wise test series where your answers will be checked by teachers. Students will be provided feedback within 48 hours.

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