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Liberal Theory of State

Origin of the state: Social Contract theory.

Functions of the state: There are two schools of thought. 1. Minimal state (night watchman). 2.  Welfare state.

Nature of the state: According to the liberals, state is the neutral arbitral / equilibrium maker in the society.

Implication: Everyone is equal in the eyes of state and people can expect justice from the state.

The content of this section is same as liberalism section in Ideology (topic 8).
Refer section 8 (Ideology-> liberalism) for more details.

Test Your Knowledge!

1] Which of the following statements is not correct according to liberal perspective?
a) State came into existence after a social contract
b) Everyone is equal in the eyes of state
c) It is an equilibrium maker in society
d) It favours the dominant class

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Ans: d) It favours the dominant class

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Not enough content, In ideology part theories of state aren’t covered in detail :/

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