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PSIR Notes

Complete Political Science Notes - in PDF format.

Using notes for Political Science & International Relations preparation is both a time tested and proven method. Every year we see many students passing UPSC exam solely on basis of notes. It not only saves lot of time, but also saves students from un-important issues.

Our PSIR notes contain elaborate study material arranged exactly according to UPSC Syllabus. It also contains various images, maps, tables etc. which enriches reader experience.

Comprehensive Political Science Notes – Arranged topic-wise, strictly according to UPSC syllabus. 

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These notes are word by word similar to that of subhra rajan Ma’am ‘s notes.

Rakesh Boyal

Did yoy purchase it?


Are the notes complete? because it just says for topics 1,2 for IR, topics 1,2,3,4,5 for Paper 2 Part A etc. Please do let me know.


Also are the notes updated with current examples? Because I am giving the attempt in 2022.


By what time you’ll be releasing new notes, as prelims have gone by? Kindly make it faster.

Rakesh Boyal

Did you purchased it?

James Khongsai

How can i purchase this notes, i am from North East India, and am preparing for PSIR as optional paper, can the faculty solve my problem, i need to purchase it ASAP,thank you


Thanks for these awesome notes….One can clearly see effort you all did to prepare them.

These notes are like a god gift to me….i was preparing through maam notes but was finding a bit confusing.

thanks a lot


thank you for the notes it would be great if you reduce the price
notes are too good


how will i get the books ?? after payment

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