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UPSC: Union Public Service Commission

The Union Public Service Commission is the central recruiting agency in India. It is an independent constitutional body in the sense that it has been directly created by constitution. Art 315-323 contain elaborate provisions regarding UPSC. Constitution envisages UPSC to be the ‘watch dog of the merit system’ in India.


It consists o a chairman and other members appointed by President of India. Constitution has not specified the strength of the body and has left it to the discretion of president. Usually it consists of 9 or 11 members including chairman.
No qualifications are prescribed for membership except that at least of half of the members should be experienced under Govt. of India or state for at least 10 yrs.
President can remove the member of UPSC for ‘misbehavior’. However such decision can be questioned in court.

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Conducts examination for appointment to the all India services, Central services and public services of the centrally administered territories.
It assists the states (if requested by two or more states to do so) in framing and operating schemes of joint recruitment for any services for which candidates possessing special qualifications are required.
The recommendations by UPSC are not compulsory for govt.


The emergence of CVC in 1964 affected the role of UPSC in disciplinary matters. This is because both are consulted by the government while taking disciplinary actions against civil servant. The problem arises when the two bodies tender conflicting advise. However UPSC, being a constitutional body have edge over CVC, which is a statutory body.

Lateral entry

If we go for this option, there should be provision of training and education of such laterally recruited personnel. Or there should be provision of such an exam which will ensure required qualifications. Else they can be recruited as advisors on temporary basis.
We can also go for ‘consultancy’ with private firms if the requirement is quite occasional and not regular.
Presently, process of recruiting process of civil services ensure that best minds of country are recruited. If highly specialization is not required, arrangement can be made even to train current officers before promoting them to any such service which demand domain knowledge.

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