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9] Caste, Religion and Ethnicity in Indian Politics Q & A

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Practice Questions

1] Development has overshadowed the influence of caste in electoral behaviour in recent elections. Discuss. [2019/20m/250w/7a]
2] Critically examine the ethnic conflicts in North East India. [2018/15m/200w/6c]
3] Discuss the relation between ethnicity and democracy in India.
4] “Secularisation of Indian politics is a myth; caste is the determinant of Indian politics.” Comment.
5] Examine the effect of caste and community in Indian politics. Do you foresee their continued relevance in country’s politics?
6] “Indian secularism is a myth”. Comment.
7] What is politicisation of caste? How Rajni Kothari explains the interaction of caste and politics India?
8] Explain the interaction between democratic politics and ethnicity with reference to at least two case studies.

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