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4] Equality Q & A

Practice Questions

1] Equality means fair treatment rather than equal treatment. Comment. [2018/15m/200w/2c]
2] In western political thought, liberty and equality will always be in an eternal tension. Comment.
3] Differentiate between equality of welfare and equality of opportunity.
4] Explain the idea of complex equality proposed by Michael Walzer.
5] For Ronald Dworkin, ‘Equality is the sovereign virtue’. Comment.
6] Explain in 150 words each:
a] equality of resources
b] equality of capabilities.
7] Is there a conception of equality in Marxist thought. Explain.
8] Show how the principle of Equality concedes the rational grounds of discrimination. In this connection examine the debate on reverse discrimination.
9] Differentiate between Formal and Substantive equality. Is the capability approaches preferable to equality of resources?

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Can I paste/upload my answers here for evaluation?


Can I paste/upload my answers here for evaluation?