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PSIR 1A-9.5 Sri Aurobindo – Previous Year Questions & Answers

Model Answers to PYQs (2018-2023)

1] Sri Aurobindo’s idea of Swaraj has deep significance in the Indian social, cultural and political history. Analyze. [2023/15m/200w/4c]

Sri Aurobindo’s concept of Swaraj went beyond political independence and encompassed a holistic and transformative vision for India.

For Aurobindo, Swaraj was an integral approach that sought the transformation and upliftment of the entire being of an individual and society. It went beyond the external realm of politics and focused on inner growth and self-realization.

Central to Sri Aurobindo’s concept of Swaraj was a spiritual foundation. He believed that true Swaraj could only be achieved when individuals and society awakened to their spiritual potential. This emphasis on spirituality connected deeply with India’s cultural and philosophical traditions, resonating with the country’s spiritual heritage.

Sri Aurobindo’s Swaraj was not limited to India alone; it had a global perspective. He believed that India could serve as a spiritual and cultural guide to the world and contribute to the realization of human unity.

Education was a crucial aspect of Sri Aurobindo’s vision. He advocated for an educational system that would not only impart knowledge but also facilitate personal and spiritual growth. This approach had a profound influence on educational reform in India.

Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy continues to influence various movements in India, including spiritual and philosophical communities, as well as educational institutions that incorporate his ideas on holistic education

Sri Aurobindo’s writings and teachings remain influential, and his concept of Swaraj continues to inspire individuals and organizations dedicated to the betterment of society and the spiritual development of humanity. [235 words]

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