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PSIR 2A-11.4 Gender Justice – Previous Year Questions – Solved

Model Answers to PYQs (2017-2023)

1] Give an assessment of the feminist critique of contemporary global issues. [2017/10m/150w/1e]

Women’s voices are rarely heard in the masculinist theory of international politics. Nevertheless, they are deeply affected by the decision of their leaders. Almost 90% of world causalities in today’s wars are civilian and women & children make most of them.

Feminist scholars ask us to put a gender-sensitive lens and look at the world. They are not satisfied with framing international politics solely in terms of inter-state relations. They suggest taking a micro look with an individual at the centre. They are concerned about the absence of women leadership and the articulation of women’s concerns in international politics.

Liberal feminists believe that women’s equality can be achieved by removing legal obstacles that deny women the same opportunities as men.

Post-modernist feminists are concerned about the knowledge-power connection. They suggest that men are generally seen as knowers and as subjects of knowledge. This influences how we see global politics.

Post-colonial feminists criticize Western feminists for basing feminist knowledge on Western women’s lives. They suggest that women’s subordination should be differentially understood in terms of race, class and geographical location.

Despite their differences, the feminist critiques of contemporary global issues have made a significant contribution to our understanding of these issues. They have challenged the status quo and helped to raise awareness of the need for gender equality. [217 words]

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