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PSIR Current Affairs 2023 – 2B

2B – India and the World

Topic 1 – Indian Foreign Policy

1] Paradiplomacy: New Dimension of Indian Foreign Policy

Topic 2 – India and NAM

2] India’s Non-alignment with Non-Alignment Movement

Topic 3 – India and South Asia

3] What can SAARC learn from ASEAN?

4] Why India Needs to Save Pakistan

5] India’s Pakistan Policy in the Last Decade

6] What to do with Afghanistan?

7] Sri Lanka Crisis: Lessons for Indian Foreign Policy

Topic 4 – India and the Global South

8] Current Status of Global Environmental Movement

9] India’s Leadership in Global Climate Politics

10] India and WTO

11] Is Africa Really a Foreign Policy Priority for India?

Topic 5 – India and the Global Centres of Power

12] The Bottlenecks in India EU Relations

13] China as a Factor in India-EU Relations

14] Who is Responsible for the Russia-Ukraine War

15] On India’s Neutrality in Russia-Ukraine War

16] Growing Russia China Bonhomie: A Headache for India

Topic 6 – India and the UN

17] Can UN Rise from the Ashes?

18] India and UN Peacekeeping in Africa

Topic 7 – India and the Nuclear Question

19] India’s ‘First Use’ Policy Can Hamper Its Soft Power Image

Topic 8 – Recent Developments in Indian Foreign Policy

20] India’s Growing Relationship with the Gulf States

21] India and the Abraham Accords

22] India’s G20 Presidency: Challenges and Opportunities

Important Statistics & Data

23] Important Statistics and Data for PSIR

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