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5] Rights Q & A

Practice Questions

1] Discuss the doctrine of ‘rights as trump’. [2019/15m/200w/4b]
2] What do you understand by three generations of human rights? [2018/20m/250w/3a]
3] Elucidate the concept of Liberty and Equality and examine the view that the two cannot be reconciled in modern state.
4] Discuss the evolution of the theories of human rights from natural rights to collective and environmental rights.
5] What do you mean by Rights differentiate Right from Power claims and entitlements. Explain the theory of Natural Rights and its limitations.
6] How is it possible for the idea of human rights to encompass both the values of cultural diversity and the imposition of universal standards?

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7] What do you understand by multiculturalism? Discuss Bhikhu Parekh's views on multiculturalism. [2017/20m/250w/3a] Multicultaralism is a doctrine which can be considered as a product of globalization. The ease of transportation and communication has also led to movement of people. It has led to multi-ethnic and multi-cultural societies. Multiculturalism suggests to accommodate the needs of such variegated people in a country. It is a next logical step according to them to create a better society. Bhikhu Parekh in his book RETHINKING MULTICULTARALISM has suggested that when people emigrate from one nation to other, the host country should recognise their cultural… Read more »


2] What do you understand by three generations of human rights? [2018/20m/250w/3a]  The doctrine of human rights has evolved over time. Chronologically, they are also categorised into 3 generations i.e. Civil and Political Rights, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Collective and solidarity rights. Civil and Political rights denotes rights necessary for ‘civil/dignified existence’ and political rights. It includes right to life, liberty, property, right to vote and participate in elections etc. It also assumes a democratic state. While West emphasises on Civil & Political rights, the focus of East has been social, economic and cultural rights. For them, these rights… Read more »


1] Discuss the doctrine of ‘rights as trump’. [2019/15m/200w/4b] Rights is a relatively modern concept in Political Science. In ancient times, only king had rights and subjects did not had them. In modern times, with renaissance, there is an evolution of humanism. A human centric doctrine and rights has gained preponderance over other concepts in political science. Rights as trump denote the supremacy of rights over other institutions. It indicates that rights are determinant of usefulness of state. In the words of TH Green, human consciousness assumes rights. State exists for maintenance of rights. For the same reason Bentham has… Read more »