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2] Theories of State Q & A

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Practice Questions

1] Write a short note on pluralist theory of the State. [2019/10m/150w/1b]
2] Critically examine the neoliberal theory of State. [2018/20m/250w/2a]
3] Attempt critique to right to resist the state & bring out place of revolution in democratic state.
4] “The individual has but one right; the right of equal freedom with everybody else & state has but one duty, duty of protecting that right against fraud & violence” Comment.
5] Critically examine Marxist theory of state with respect to Dictatorship of Proletariat.
6] Critically examine pluralist argument against theory of sovereignty.
7] Discuss the Marxist Approach to the study of politics with particular reference to the development of Political Science as a discipline in recent years.
8] Discuss the feminist perspective on the State.
9] Why state become so powerful in post-colonial societies?
10] What is Relative Autonomy of the State?

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