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2] Theories of State Q & A

Practice Questions

1] Write a short note on pluralist theory of the State. [2019/10m/150w/1b]
2] Critically examine the neoliberal theory of State. [2018/20m/250w/2a]
3] Attempt critique to right to resist the state & bring out place of revolution in democratic state.
4] “The individual has but one right; the right of equal freedom with everybody else & state has but one duty, duty of protecting that right against fraud & violence” Comment.
5] Critically examine Marxist theory of state with respect to Dictatorship of Proletariat.
6] Critically examine pluralist argument against theory of sovereignty.
7] Discuss the Marxist Approach to the study of politics with particular reference to the development of Political Science as a discipline in recent years.
8] Discuss the feminist perspective on the State.
9] Why state become so powerful in post-colonial societies?
10] What is Relative Autonomy of the State?

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2] Critically examine the neoliberal theory of State. [2018/20m/250w/2a] The liberal theory is considered as longest surviving ideology. Largely due to it’s flexible nature. Neoliberalism can be considered as a recent ‘development’ in liberalism.     Neoliberalist are essentially market fundamentalists. They focus on market economy. When state follows liberal economic policy, according to them, there is maximum economic development. Which also generates resources for the upliftment of lower classes of society. Thus they suggest ‘trickle down theory.’    Neoliberal theory also focuses on protectionism in terms of culture and even economy. The Trump’s policy of ‘America first’ can be considered as neoliberal… Read more »


1] Write a short note on pluralist theory of the State. [2019/10m/150w/1b] The discussion on State is at the heart of political science. Entire discipline revolves around purpose of State, functions of State, composition of State etc.    One such important question is location of sovereign in a state. Pluralist theory suggests that sovereign is not localized, rather distributed in state. According to them, state enjoys power, because it fulfills needs of men. However, state does not fulfils all needs of men, hence cannot exercise power in exclusion of other actors. Other actors like civil society, church also fulfils some needs… Read more »