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UPSC Mains Answer Sheet

There are many things one needs to take care when it comes to UPSC Mains exam. Although it is a conventional exam, many things which needs to be done differently, and there is no excuse for mistake.

Unfortunately, many students are not aware of what good and bad practices are. This page provides various links for Mains sample papers of each GS, Optional and Language. At the end we are also providing a PDF file which you can print for mains exam writing practice.

* QCAB : Question Cum Answer Booklet (Question Paper + Answer Sheet)

Download Sample Essay QCAB

Download Sample GS1 QCAB

Download Sample Optional (Public Administration) QCAB

Download Sample English – compulsory QCAB

Common Mistakes UPSC Students Make – Download PDF file

Download PDF answer sheet for writing practice.

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