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UPSC Mains Answer Sheet

Download UPSC Mains Answer Sheet PDF Files

UPSC Mains Answer Sheet (Blank) Image

UPSC Mains Answer Sheet

Sr.No.UPSC Mains Answer Sheet PDFDownload PDF
1UPSC Mains Answer Sheet PDF-Single PageClick Here
2UPSC Mains Answer Sheet PDF-10 PagesClick Here
3UPSC Mains Answer Sheet PDF-100 PagesClick Here
4UPSC Mains Answer Sheet PDF-100 Pages (Numbered)Click Here

Download UPSC Mains Official Answer Booklets

Sr.No.UPSC Mains Official Answer BookletDownload PDF
1UPSC Mains – Essay Answer BookletClick Here
2UPSC Mains – GS1 Answer BookletClick Here
3UPSC Mains – Optional (PubAd) Answer BookletClick Here
4UPSC Mains – Optional (Literature) Answer BookletClick Here
5UPSC Mains – English (Compulsory) Answer BookletClick Here
6UPSC Mains – Regional Language (Hindi) Answer BookletClick Here

* QCAB: Question Cum Answer Booklet (Question Paper + Answer Sheet)

  • Essay & GS1-4 Questions categorised into topics and subtopics
  • Classification according to the official UPSC syllabus
  • Use of graphs to illustrate trends
  • Year, question no., marks, word limit – mentioned against every question
  • Also contains all essay and GS1-4 papers from 2013 to 2023, arranged in a chronological manner

Download UPSC Mains Common Mistakes Document

UPSC has provided a document that illustrates the common mistakes students make while writing UPSC mains.

We’ve listed the common mistakes as suggested by UPSC

  1. Writing irrelevant matters in QCAB
  2. Writing anything which may disclose the student’s identity
  3. Answering in mixed language medium
  4. Answering partly in ink and partly in pencil
  5. Direct/indirect appeal to examiner
  6. Bad/illegible handwriting
  7. Contravention of any other instructions

The following documents (provided by UPSC) illustrate these mistakes.

Further, the document also highlights the correct way to cancel the attempted answer, etc. Please download the PDF and have a look.

Official Document – Common Mistakes in UPSC Mains PaperDownload PDF

Importance of Using UPSC Mains Answer Sheets

The use of official answer sheets in UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) mains practice is of utmost importance and should not be overlooked. The UPSC mains examination is a crucial stage in the civil services selection process, and it demands meticulous preparation to ensure success. Here are some key reasons why using official answer sheets during practice is highly recommended:

Familiarity with the Format:

The official answer sheets used in UPSC mains have a specific format and structure. By practicing on these answer sheets, you will become familiar with the layout, spacing, and overall presentation, which can save time during the actual exam. It helps in organizing the answers coherently and presenting it in a structured manner.

Time Management

UPSC mains exam is known for its stringent time constraints. Answering questions within the given time limit can be challenging. Using official answer sheets during practice will help you understand how much to write for each question and how to allocate time effectively. This will aid in improving time management skills, allowing candidates to attempt all questions within the stipulated time.

Real Exam Simulation

Replicating the exam environment as closely as possible during practice is essential for building confidence and reducing exam-day anxiety. Using official answer sheets creates a realistic simulation of the actual exam, helping you adapt better to the exam hall environment.

Evaluation and Feedback

UPSC mains is not just about writing answers; it also involves evaluating and improving them. Practicing on these sheets will enable you to self-evaluate your answers critically and identify areas of improvement. Seeking feedback from mentors or experts becomes more effective when the answers are written on official sheets.

Accurate Word Count

The UPSC mains exam has word limits for some of the questions. Using official answer sheets will allow you to gauge the approximate word count of their responses, ensuring they adhere to the prescribed limits during the actual exam.

Enhancing Handwriting

Legible and neat handwriting is crucial for effective communication in the Mains exam. Regular practice on official answer sheets helps improve handwriting, making the answers easier to read and understand for the examiners.

Minimizing Errors

The official answer sheets are designed to avoid ambiguity and errors. Practicing with these sheets reduces the likelihood of making such errors during the actual exam.

Using official answer sheets in UPSC mains practice is an essential aspect of a well-rounded preparation strategy. It not only familiarizes students with the exam’s format and structure but also helps in managing time, simulating the real exam environment, and improving overall performance. Aspirants should make it a habit to practice extensively on official answer sheets to increase their chances of success in the UPSC Mains examination.

Sample Mains Answer Sheet (Single Page)

UPSC Mains Answer Sheet (Single Page) Image


Official UPSC Website

  • Collection of more than 3200 Previous Year Questions (1995-2023)
  • All questions divided into 10 Subjects
  • Subject further sub-divided into more than 75 topics
  • All answers according to official answer key
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