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11] Contemporary Global Concerns Q & A

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Practice Questions

1] Discuss the importance of personal data protection in the context of human rights. [2019/15m/200w/3c]
2] Critically examine the notion of Asian values in the context of the ongoing debates on human rights. [2018/20m/250w/4a]
3] Would you agree that the ongoing debates on international environmental politics continue to be marred by a new North-South ideological divide over historical responsibility and developmental model? Illustrate your answer with suitable examples. [2018/15m/200w/3b]
4] Discuss the implications of the Trump Kim Singapore summit on the prospects of denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. [2018/15m/200w/4b]
5] What is the direction of global climate change talks? Is it going in favour of developing countries?
6] Discuss the progress towards the improvement of status of woman since the adoption of Beijing action plan.
7] What are the major types of terrorism? How to create an effective global counter terrorism regime?
8] Do you think global nuclear non proliferation order is changing in favour of India?
9] Compare and Contrast Sino-India approaches to global Environmental concerns.
10] What roles do norms, taboos and epistemic play in the context of nuclear proliferation?
11] Identify the role and place of Gender in the global economy.
12] Global commons belong to global society and require global attention”. Comment.
13] Assess in detail the prospects of the emergence of a nuclear -weapons free world.

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