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2] India & the Non-Alignment Movement Q & A

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Practice Questions

1] Compare and contrast Non-alignment 1.0 with Non-alignment 2.0. [2019/10m/150w/5b]
2] Write a brief note on the 17th NAM Summit in Venezuela. [2019/10m/150w/1b]
3] Discuss the significance of Non Aligned Movement as a unique contribution of the non-western world to world politics. [2018/20m/250w/2a]
4] What is the relevance of Non Alignment in contemporary world scenario?
5] Highlight the major features of Non-alignment 2.0 document.
6] Do you agree with the stand that the Non-Alignment Movement needs to be reinvented.
7] “The non-aligned movement has made fundamental contributions to the theory and practice of international relations, and considerably modified the character of both.” Discuss. #

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