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8] Recent developments in Indian Foreign Policy Q & A

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Practice Questions

1] “The growing closeness between India and Israel will strengthen the cause of Palestine.” Comment. [2019/10m/150w/5e]
2] Write a brief note on India’s interests in West Asia. [2019/15m/200w/7b]
3] Evaluate India’s vision of a new world order. [2019/20m/250w/8a]
4] “India needs a balanced West Asia policy. By skewing it towards Saudis, New Delhi runs the risk of antagonising Tehran.” Comment.
5] In the context of current challenges in Afghanistan chart out a course of action for India to deal with the threats emerging from Afghanistan.
6] Do you find any change in the policy of the present government of India with respect to Palestinian issue?
7] Discuss the current trend in India- Israel relations.
8] Discuss the nature of emerging world order.
9] Analyze India- Afghanistan relations in the contemporary times.
10] Critically analyze India- Israel Defence Cooperation.

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I want to attach all the three pages of my answer together but the attach button is not allowing me. Review my answer please.

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Thanks a lot, for giving such detailed review. I will certainly incorporate the suggestions.