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3] India and South Asia Q & A

Practice Questions

1] How is India responding to the idea of Indo-Pacific? [2019/10m/150w/5d]
2] Evaluate India’s stand on the recent Rohingya refugee issue. [2018/10m/150w/5c]
3] Analyse the significance of India’s Look East policy in the light of concerns of the indigenous peoples of North East India. [2018/10m/150w/5e]
4] What are the impediments in the development of the South Asian free trade area (SAFTA)? [2017/10m/150w/5b]
5] Despite the differences between India and Pakistan on various issues, Indus water treaty has stood the test of times. In the light of this statement, discuss the recent developments over the issue. [2017/15m/200w/6b]
6] The treaty of perpetual peace and friendship between India and Bhutan needs to be revised with more pragmatic, realistic obligations and responsibilities. Comment. [2017/10m/150w/5c]
7] What are the achievements of ASEAN? What are the unique aspects of ASEAN integration process?
8] Write short note on a) RCEP b) APEC
9] How India can and why India must shape Asia’s future political order?
10] “India needs some creative diplomacy to address the changing environment of the relations between China and Sri Lanka.”-Comment.
11] Discuss the current developments in Myanmar? What are the implications on India?

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