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6] Key Concepts in International Relations Q & A

Practice Questions

1] Discuss the utility of Nuclear Deterrence theory in the context of the recent stand-off between India and Pakistan. [2019/10m/150w/1a]
2] Identify the benefits of a multi-polar world. [2019/15m/200w/3b]
3] Some feel that multinational corporations (MNCs) are a vital new road to economic growth, whereas others feel they perpetuate underdevelopment. Discuss. [2018/15m/200w/2c]
4] Is the concept of balance of power still relevant in the 21st century? Give arguments in support of your views.
5] Examine the relevance of nuclear deterrence in the age of complex interdependence. What is the role of norms in nuclear non proliferation?
6] Write short note on: a) Collective security b) Security community
7] Explain securitisation and give Berry Buzan’s view on the concept of Security in 21st century.
8] ‘National interests are dynamic’. Identify the dynamic nature of National Interests in the contemporary world politics with suitable examples.
9] Transnational actors have become driving forces of global politics’. Elaborate.
10] ‘Collective Security and Collective Defence are the institutional and State mechanism to sustain the domination of powers that be in International politics’. Elaborate.

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