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PSIR 1B Syllabus Discussion.

This section has quite an overlap with GS1 (Modern Indian History) & GS2 (Indian Polity & Governance). So along with these notes, you also need to prepare from GS studies.
The notes here are from analytical perspective and many more specific details can be added to your answers from GS studies.

There is no specific order in which you need to study this section. However, going sequentially is always better. Further, you should try to integrate these studies with GS studies. Chapter 1 should be studied along with Modern Indian history and remaining chapters with GS2 i.e. Indian Polity and Governance.
But also keep in mind that, while studying for General Studies, one needs to have very detailed understanding of various facts and causes. In Political Science, analytical understanding is more important.

Since this topic is related with Indian politics, there is also a big role of current happenings. Keep track of newspaper articles on recent legislations/amendments to important laws/constitution, judicial pronouncements, social movements, pressure groups, inter-state disputes, panchayati raj etc.

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