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10] Regionalisation of World Politics Q & A

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Practice Questions

1] Evaluate the role of BIMSTEC in multi-sectoral technical and economic cooperation. [2019/10m/150w/1d]
2] Since its inception the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) has failed to deliver on its promise. What initiatives should be taken to reinvigorate the organisation? [2018/15m/200w/3c]
3] What are the causes behind the failure of SAARC? Give suggestions for bringing peace in South Asia.
4] What are the future prospects of EU? What are the challenges that EU is currently facing?
5] What is the relationship between regionalism and globalisation? Is regionalism a stepping stone or a stumbling block to globalization?
6] Give reasons for Regionalism of world politics.
7] Substantiate APEC as a regional economic and trade arrangement.
8] Comment on ASEAN as a third world model of regional cooperation.

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