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9] United Nations Q & A

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Practice Questions

1] In what way does the predominance of the USA in the UN funding affect its decision-making? [2019/10m/150w/1c]
2] Do you think that sustainable development goals are really attainable by 2030? [2019/10m/150w/1e]
3] Evaluate the role of the International Court
of Justice in inter-State disputes. [2019/15m/200w/2c]
4] Discuss the relevance of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on the security of women in conflict zones. [2018/20m/250w/3a]
5] Do you agree that the U.N. has failed to contain transnational terrorism? Elaborate your answer with examples.
6] Do you think that UN needs reforms? If yes, what are the reforms needed in the UN.
7] Critically analyze the challenges to successful peacekeeping by UN.
8] “Few agencies of International co-operation have been more successful in tending the welfare of humanity than ILO.” Discuss the organization and activities of the ILO in the light of above statement.

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