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PSIR 2A: Comparative & International Politics – Previous Year Questions – Solved

PSIR 2A Comparative & International Politics Previous Year Questions Solved
Table of Contents

Previous Year Questions Topic Wise Analysis

The graph and the table given below illustrates the weightage of various topics in section 2A) Comparative Political Analysis and International Politics. Prioritize your study accordingly.

PSIR 2A Previous Year Questions Topic wise Analysis
PSIR 2A: Comparative & International PoliticsMarks (2013-2022)Marks (2021-2022)% Weightage (2013-2022)% Weightage (2021-2022)
01] Comparative Politics105205%5%
02] State in Comparative Perspective65203%5%
03] Politics of Representation and Participation2808513%21%
04] Globalisation95254%6%
05] Approaches to the Study of International elations2806513%16%
06] Key Concepts in International Relations2753513%9%
07] Changing International Political Order2403511%9%
08] Evolution of International Economic Systems125206%5%
09] United Nations205259%6%
10] Regionalisation of World Politics180458%11%
11] Contemporary Global Concerns3302515%6%

Index to Solved PYQs

1] Comparative Politics: Nature and Major Approaches; Political Economy and political sociology perspectives; Limitations of the comparative method

2] State in comparative perspective: Characteristics and changing nature of State in capitalist and socialist economies, and advanced industrial and developing societies

3] Politics of representation and participation: Political parties, pressure groups and social movements in advanced industrial and developing societies

4] Globalisation: Responses from developed and developing societies

5] Approaches to the study of international relations: Idealist, Realist, Marxist, Functionalist and Systems theory

6] Key concepts in international relations: National interest, Security and power; Balance of power and deterrence, Transnational actors and collective security; World capitalist economy and globalisation

7] Changing International Political Order: A] Rise of superpowers; Strategic and ideological bipolarity, arms race and cold war; Nuclear threat B] Non-Aligned Movement: Aims and achievements C] Collapse of the Soviet Union: Unipolarity and American Hegemony; Relevance of Non-Alignment in the contemporary world

8] Evolution of International economic systems: From Bretton Woods to WTO; Socialist economies and CMEA (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance); Third World demand for new international economic order; Globalisation of the world economy

9] United Nations: Envisaged role and actual record; Specialised UN agencies – Aims and functioning;  need for UN reforms

10] Regionalisation of world politics: EU, ASEAN, APEC, SAARC, NAFTA

11] Contemporary Global Concerns: Democracy, human rights, environment, gender justice, terrorism, nuclear proliferation

This is an ongoing work. Hence, some of the links may not be yet available. The complete articles will be available by 19th June 2023

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